What is OtterTax?
OtterTax is an IRS reporting and statement automation solution for businesses. Compliance is complex. We've simplified it by injecting thousands of IRS rules into a secure and transparent cloud app. Example supported forms include: W-2, 1099 series, and 1095 (ACA).

How does it work?
Watch how it works in 45 seconds.

What is the beta?
An early release during which a limited number of users are given free access to the app.

When does it start?
July 15.

What is expected of a beta user?
Try the app and share feedback. Tax expertise not required.

Why should I join?
We intend to build something truly helpful to people, and your feedback is crucial. Also, freebies! :)

When is the public release date?
Q4 2019 (October-ish).

More questions?
Email or call us at 800.957.1585. We're happy to answer.